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Courage and Commitment

Mission Statement:

Rotorua Intermediate enabling progress and achievement within a Collaborative and Innovative Learning community; targeting Personalised and Globally Connected learning experiences, to prepare our learners for an ever changing world.

School Values:

Respect for self, Respect for others and Responsibility for your actions

Welcome to Educa 2019

Tena Koe Parents and Caregivers

Welcome to another year of worthwhile learning for your child at Rotorua Intermediate.  

I am serious when I say worthwhile learning, because it is crucial that our programmes are appropriate leveled, and are of engaging interest, in-order to maximise the opportunity for your child to be extrinsically driven to participate fully in learning.    

To better allow you, as Parents and Caregivers, to be aware of how your child is engaging in our ‘worthwhile’ programmes and allow you greater participation in their learning journey, staff have undergone awareness training during the January holidays to be able to connect you to your child’s learning through Educa.  

Please read through the information on Educa below so you can be aware, supportive and encouraging of your child’s learning through this meaningful connection. Why?;  because your support and encouragement does make the greatest difference to their desire to become Lifelong Learners.

Enjoy your role as a supporting parents, because your child is worth it.

Garry de Thierry


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