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Rotorua Museum in Minecraft

Posted on May 15, 2017 in Blogs, Minecraft Design - Sylvie Vasar

Rhylie and I started our project which was the Rotorua Museum. In the morning we started Minecraft Design by playing in survival mode. We decided on the museum as it has a lot of attention to detail and it’s going to be quite challenging. My goal is to finish this project and maybe even get a band (just pointing that out). We build it out of birchwood, nether (bricks, slabs, stairs) clay blocks and a few others. As you can see by the photos we made lots of progress and we made it a 3D building now! We finished the roofs and most of the back of the museum.We used the same blocks to make the roofs and I think we worked very well today and next week we will continue with our museum, and hopefully we will finish in time, but I think we will definitely because we are making lots of progress! Our goal is the same as last week which is to complete the project to the end. Holly and Rhylie

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  1. Garry de Thierry says:

    WOW !!!! Amazing replica

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