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Posted on June 14, 2017 in Hurungaterangi 4 - Stephanie Chand

This week we wrote about our most treasured possession after reading ‘The Blond Guitar’. Here are some examples of our writing:

My most valuable possession is my Xbox 360. I got a job for a couple of months to get it and I was so proud when I went to the store to buy it. It’s not a good version of an Xbox- it’s only the second version ever, but it still works though. The controllers are weirdly shaped like a mutant fidget spinner and the batteries always have to be changed. The console is a black box which is strong and heavy like a brick wall. The top of the console is smooth like a new car’s bonnet, all of the second hand games I got from stores are old and scratched, the new games however, are clean and shiny. The buttons on the controllers are like glamorous beams of light and the grips on the joysticks are worn like old clothes from fingers pressing too hard on them. No, it’s not the best Xbox, but I still love it for all the joy and anti-boredom it has given me.

One of my most favourite things in the world is my mini library- full of books to read. I got it when I was seven. It looks like a draw that you put clothes in, brown, small, but it has shelves for books instead of clothes. I love it because it holds the keys to adventures, books. Books are doors that take you on journeys and help you discover many things and learn about things. My library had soon moved and became the whole family’s library and was stuffed with books about cooking, kids books, building, technology stuff, gaming, movies, just all books practically, it even had encyclopedias. I still read my old and mysterious books from time to time and lean against the small library as if it was a comfy, but hard wall. It is old, but it was my dad’s when he was younger, so it’s very special and still a favourite thing.

I have many valued and prized possessions but if I had to pick just one- it would be my silver necklace I got in Delphi, Greece. Although I have not had it for very long, it still has a lot of memories stored inside it’s green gem, the simplicity of the delicate silver and the enchanting gem that you can’t take your eyes off. A crown of delicately placed silver drops, each one perfectly placed in a symmetrical pattern. It hangs from a long, glistening chain, it’s links strong, it’s gem smoothed of three months of constant rubbing for luck. The silver frame like a drop of liquid silver, it’s back covered in fingerprints. It’s green gem slightly scratched making it even more dear to me, especially opposite the 925 silver stamp. It’s not the most out-there necklace, but it lets me remember my first time in Europe, for that I will always carry it with me.

My most valued possession is Matilda written by Roald Dahl- the first book I ever read. It’s not at all perfect, it has gashes taken out of the sides rips in the paper; pee-yellow in colour it’s miraculous to find pale cream pages still in tack; tape is from here to Christmas, small bits of the writing have smudged from continuous touch. After all these years not any of my books have been scribbled on. I never even wrote my name. Nothing could stop me from reading at dinner, lunch or even breakfast time, I would always flip through the pages mindfully eating away at the awe-inspiring story. Gladly I dipped myself in the wonderful stories of Roald Dahl. Soon after that I branched out and read other stories, prowling the shelves I got from the library- Harry Potter, Inkheart and other inspiring stories, though I devour different stories, the least pretty, the thinnest, is my favourite the book that started me off-Roald Dahl- Matilda. It is always the same story yet it is always different and that is why I treasure it the most

-Roald Dahl- Matilda

My most valued possession is a tired and worn little stuffed dog- a little stuffed dog that I have loved all my life. The first stuffed animal I had ever got with string unravelling with a missing squeaker box like organs missing from our body. It’s head a little too big for the body like a potato is too big for the fork, along with a big black nose, two small beady eyes, one blue and one green faded ear like colour fading from our cheeks when something bad has happened. Coming down it’s small thin neck is a light faded grey body, with two fat legs connecting, shaped like small chicken drumsticks, like the ones that were from the night before’s roast. One blue and one green faded foot, coming round the back, its tail is orange with a little splodge more. All the colours worn from all the years of cuddling and snuggling. The glistening cheerful colours gradually fading with time. It may not be the prettiest, or the most cuddly stuffed dog, but that doesn’t matter to me because, I will always look after it and treasure it.

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