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H4- Biographies

Posted on August 10, 2017 in Hurungaterangi 4 - Stephanie Chand

Next step! We took our brace map and bio poem information, as well as other things we found out, to create an A3 poster. The elements required were:
· The name of your person in large bold print- Who was (or is) _______?
· A picture of your person.
· A timeline of their achievements- at least 4 key life events explained.
· Three paragraphs about the person under subheadings such as ‘Successes’, ‘Courage’ etc
· Five words that describe your person.
· A poem, quote and/or piece of music or song that applies to your person and a paragraph explaining why it is appropriate.
· Some suggestions about where the reader could find more information about your person.

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