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Hurungaterangi 4 Authors

Posted on May 19, 2017 in Hurungaterangi 4 - Stephanie Chand

Today we read a passage of writing and analysed it. We looked at semicolons, dashes, personification, descriptive words and long and short sentences. Together we created a piece of writing that describes our classroom using these things. Afterwards students crafted their own pieces about a chosen room in their own house. Here are some examples:

My Living Room by Elise
Silent, deserted- my lounge. Approaching the end of the day, light bursts through the trees like someone opening a door. An unused fire; cold and desolate; crouched in the corner. Mute pictures, hanging lifeless on the walls. A dark TV, ready to spring into action at anytime. Netflix anyone?

My Kitchen by Jessica
Silent, comforting- the kitchen. Cupboards open, like a crocodiles mouth, filled with cans of beans, spaghetti and peaches. The heated stove spreads warmth through the room; a wildfire; inside the house. Beefy mince breaks the quiet with a searing drop into the pan. Lighting a lavender candle, the flame on top dances in the pitch black. This is our powercut evening meal. Nachoes.

My Bedroom by Zac
Intriguing, welcoming- my bedroom. The flashing lights of the colourful TV, brightening up the dim walls. The Xbox laying on my desk motionless, the controller running around looking for me. Plush toys stare at me; soft and old; on my shelf. A chromebook waits for me to watch glorious YouTube. Time to Game On!

My Bedroom by Paige
Dark, peaceful- my bedroom. Curtains sway over my thin window panes, so gleaming rays can’t flood my room. The autumn breeze flows in, cooling my body as if I’m in the Arctic. Posters glare at me; wondering what I do with my life; rolling their eyes, always disappointed. The phone screen screams at me, wanting to be used. Time to rest.

The Lounge by Joe
Warm, comforting- the lounge. The once-loved Xbox 360 sits behind the PS4, gathering dust. A thin, constant blow of the dehumidifier is the only noise. The tree outside the window waves at me, wanting a friend. Away, on the top of the side-table; wet, heavy and threatening; lies piles of unfinished laundry. Video games will have to wait.

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  1. Garry de Thierry says:

    WOW. !!!!! What amazing young authors we have at RI. We should set up a Young Authors Page’ on our website so we can share these with a worldwide audience. What do you guys think????

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