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Planetary Adventure

Posted on August 29, 2017 in Hurungaterangi 4 - Stephanie Chand

We used a series of questions to guide the writing of a narrative story, ‘Planetary Adventure’. Students answered each question and these answers created the series of events that would tell the story.

Planetary Adventure
By Elise Cresswell

We have now been on the planet for just over three weeks. Our food and water supply have diminished by a reasonable amount. It starting to get catty. I’m genuinely worried for my life. All we wanted was to explore the galaxy. I didn’t expect it to end up like this. We thought we could learn from this planet, but now the fact that we are now stuck, are becoming clearer.

The two friends I brought with me aren’t getting along very well. They’re both big eaters, so in hopes of stopping them fighting I’m eating less and less. My stomach is growling so much it physically hurts. At least I know I am not going to die of starvation… yet. Caroline is always complaining about how if we fix the fuel cell we will be able to leave. While on the other hand, Shannon is saying we need to fix the dashboard. The fact is, we don’t have the resources to do that.

Caroline has mousy brown hair that is always tied up in a ponytail at the back of her head. Her eyes are the most piercing of greens and her skin is completely freckle free. For the amount of food she eats, you would not think that she could be that skinny. It’s amazing she hasn’t landed the modelling job she wanted. Shannon has the most glorious blonde hair. Her eyes are as black as the night and her skin sun-kissed from head to toe. Both of my friends are really pretty. I have dirty-blonde hair with dull grey eyes, as chubby as a bunny and my face is struin with freckles. Looks like I’m the only one who isn’t blessed with good looks.

On the way down from space we ran into a minefield. We were lucky enough to not die from the impact but our spaceship still went down hard. The planet we are on is completely deserted so it leaves us with the question, who planted the bombs? Caroline and Shannon only think that one thing needs fixing, whereas I think we need an entire new ship if we want to leave. Both of my friends have been calling me lazy because I haven’t been helping with the ship. But it’s completely bust so I see no point in repairing it.

Once we had established there were no hostile people on the planet we decided to leave the ship. Shannon walked for about five kilometres west in search of a settlement. Caroline walked about nine kilometres in search of food. And I walked about three and a half kilometres in search of parts that might be useful to help rebuild our ship. All of our excursions failed. We came back empty handed, and empty hearted. The mood has been down ever since.

After ten days of tinkering on our ship I finally realised we were being followed and watched. I had walked up over the hill and saw a ship almost identical to ours. Someone or something was copying our every move. It was kinda creepy. I probably shouldn’t mention it to the others because if we scare the person off, our only chance of escape will be gone. Only yesterday, I caught a glimpse of the creature that was making another ship. It looked as though it was a small dog. It was black, furry and walked on all fours. But, it turned and I could see it’s face. It was like the face of a demon. I blinked and it was gone. I still haven’t told Caroline or Shannon but I think it’s better left that way.

Today I saw the thing again. It was walking towards me. I started to run, I didn’t want this thing coming up to me. I looked back for a millisecond and I tripped over a rock. I attempted to get back up but the demon was already upon me. It came around to my face and it started licking all the sweat off, like a dog. I thought this to be very strange. I looked into it’s eyes and I froze. They reminded me so much of my mother’s eyes. They were a creamy blue with specks of black scattered through. The demon looking thing started to judder like it was having a seizure. It continued to do this for about three minutes until it finally stopped. It then started morphing, and it was indeed my mum.

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