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The RAKE- haka and waiata competition

Posted on March 21, 2016 in Hurungaterangi 4 - Stephanie Chand

Today we learnt how to use a RAKE. The RAKE is a thinking tool designed to analyse a situation. It is an extension of a Y chart, incorporating 7 elements. It can be used in a variety of ways. Students can be shown a visual image; applying a RAKE to this enables them to think about the image on a deeper level. It can also be used to have children analyse a particular situation and to put themselves ‘in someone else’s shoes’.

1658475_1112836125427367_6279789405457063410_oWe applied the RAKE to our school haka and waiata competition. Here is Te Koha’s RAKE:

Touch Feeling the hard floor as I kneel down and beat the floor with my fist as the leader calls out the next move and transition. I feel my skin as I do the actions to the haka.
Smell There is so much tension in the air I can smell it. I can also smell the nervousness and sweat as the boys and girls try as hard as they can to be loud and fierce.
Taste I taste the salt in my mouth from the tension of the whole event. I also taste the fear in my mouth because of the massive crowd in front of me. By the end of the performance all I taste is dryness in my mouth.
Listen I hear the sweet, delicate sound of the waiata before we break into the loud, aggressive haka with everybody shouting as loud as they can to intimidate the other contestants and impress the judges.  
Feel I feel a mix of emotions inside of me. The first one is the fear of the performance, the next one is the anxiousness and tension of the competition, and the last one is the relief of finishing the performance without messing up.   
Think All through the competition I wonder who will win  and wonder if we will come first or second or if we will get a place at all. Another thing I am thinking about is if we will stuff up the performance at all.  
Look Around the gym I see the highly decorated and flash looking Tunohopu with their moko and feathers in their hair. I see everyone’s faces as they stare at us while we chant the haka and waiata.


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