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Totara Springs Camp Experiences

Posted on November 3, 2017 in Hurungaterangi 4 - Stephanie Chand

Suspended in the middle of the air, balancing precariously on top of 11 crates barely connected. Standing up properly, I tried to control the shaking in my legs to no avail. I took one deep breath, steadying myself before having another try at placing the next crate. This time, I succeeded in my task. I heard the click of connection and looked down from my great height again.

The camp instructor threw the next crate up to me. I caught it perfectly, I felt like a circus acrobat. I put it through my legs like we were instructed to do. My legs were still shaking uncontrollably as I placed the crate down. I repeated this step until I got to the fifteenth crate. As I was bending my legs as instructed, I fell backwards. I was sitting on the back edge of the crate beneath me.

I had almost given up, but then the instructor started counting down from three. I knew that he was going to kick my tower over if I did not get back up. I hauled myself back up and the group below me started cheering. It was exhilarating. Once I had reached the eighteenth crate, I spun around in the crate. The tower slowly started to tilt to the side. It kept going and the crates met the floor with an ear splitting crash. I was slowly lowered to the ground and I removed the wedgie from between my legs. It was finally over! Elise

The bus driver greeted us as we bombarded the bus seats. There were shouts and screams, the plonk of a bag and debate of seating. “I call the window!” or “This seat is mine!”, and “You can’t sit there!” I was caught in the middle, being pushed around until I was washed to the back of the bus, like a wave had pushed me over. Luckily, there was a set of empty seats, looking lonely and cold without use, so that was where I jumped and yelled dibs. But I had not been alone, as Abbey came and accompanied me soon after. Of course, I didn’t mind: I needed a friend on the hour long journey to Totara Springs. And with that, the bus started moving, and I was forced into an uncomfortable sitting position for the ride over. Jess

The fan turned on as we lined up, then the foam came. It flew around, and fell like soft snow. The hot water streamed down the long black mat that was held in place by a bunch of sandbags, and down the steep hill. The foam drifted down with the water, covering the hill with white, bubbly foam.

Eventually the foam was covered in grass and kids, and at the bottom of the hill, there was a giant mound of soft snow, next to a squelchy puddle of warm mud, with even more foam. The kids on the line were covered in grass and foam, and after the foam slide was finished, everyone was sprayed by hot, steamy water. -Oscar

Stepping off the bus, grazing my eyes over the place. White fluffy clouds filled the baby blue sky, crisp green grass covering almost every inch. Bustling kids searching for their luggage, waiting for some instructions. A sudden shout from somewhere in the crowd, telling us to quiet down. Separating into boys and girls, being sent off to our own dorm.

Disappearing with some friends to find our new home. Buildings were surrounded with beautiful blossoming trees. Stepping inside our door, I was stunned to see how empty the room was. Navy blue bunk beds stood against the wall, with space to spread out and relax. We were all rushing to choose our beds, none of us wanted to be in the top bunks, so luckily there were enough on the bottom.

Making our way out to the eating area, you could hear everyone chatting about how fun camp was going to be. What we were worried about was where we were going to sit and eat our lunch. We found one place, too sunny, moved to another, the grass was damp, so we decided to sit in the first place where there was a little spot of shade.

I still couldn’t get over how beautiful it was. While I was taking in the place, a waft of cow poo made me flinch, since it wasn’t so strong I knew I could get used to it, and that’s what I did. While we were talking after our lunch a sharp sound blew, we all rushed to where it was coming from. It was our official tour. While walking around being shown where everything was, I was half tuned out because of how many big fields of grass were filled with nothing. I knew then that I never wanted to leave. -Paige

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