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Careers in Minecraft

Posted on August 21, 2015 in Minecraft Design - Sylvie Vasar

Students are discovering that Minecraft Design is a powerful bridge between the virtual and physical world.

This week we have been looking at the possibilities of career pathways within Minecraft Design. Here is what some students have come up with:

Caitlin - Teroro 1

Caitlin – Teroro 1


Personally I think minecraft builds your communication skills and teaches you to cater to others needs. For example, if one of your team members doesn’t know how to make a gate, you step in and take the job, only to teach them afterwards. The career I think I would choose from minecraft would be Teaching. Other requirements for this profession would be time management, an ample amount of patience, you would have to be highly skilled in relating to others and would need to have a passion for learning.

Caitlin Munro – Teroro 1

In minecraft I have built a shed, a house and stables to house my 4 horses. My career would probably be a farm worker because I really love animals and I have good animal2015-08-21_10.53.23 skills. Farm workers help breed livestock such as sheep and beef. Farm workers earn roughly about $40k-$53k.

Dara – Taeotu 1

I would choose an Architect because you can design buildings. To be an Architect is you need to be creative and think outside the square box and let your mind go crazy with ideas.

This is my water slide that I built and it's really fun to go on. Ezrah Berry - Te 1

This is my water slide that I built and it’s really fun to go on.
Ezrah Berry – Teroro 1

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  1. Garry de Thierry says:

    I’m so very impressed with these reflective comments and the creative flair you have shown. Congrats !!!!!

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