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Tunohopu Reflections : Ashlea and Alex

Posted on May 11, 2017 in Blogs, Minecraft Design - Sylvie Vasar


3 May 2017

We played Minecraft in the survival mode in the first block and then switched to creative mode. We started our projects and chose to make the gondolas in Rotorua. We built two gondolas and some of the wire railing.

10 May 2017

Today we continued to make our gondolas and we started on the reception area. We added more gondolas on the wire and made the starting foundations for the reception. Next time I will work on the reception and hopefully finish it. I have had a great day today. Alex

3 May 2017

Today we spawned in a new world, A survival world. We had to learn how to get resources to survive the night and the oncoming disasters. Most people died trying to kill the mobs, falling from a high place, burning in lava or just drowning.

I really enjoyed the survival because I haven’t been in survival for a long time and it brought back lots of memories of how to properly minecraft.

10 May 2017

Today we finished building our track for the gondolas and the gondolas themselves. We have started to build the reception and put people in them. I’m really looking forward to the future when we get a step closer each day we come into minecraft design.

Next time I will try to use appropriate blocks for the right job so it looks more accurate. Ashlea


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  1. Garry de Thierry says:

    Inspiring reading these thoughtful reflections

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