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Pink and White Terraces in Minecraft Design

Posted on June 9, 2017 in Blogs, Minecraft Design - Sylvie Vasar

Mufaro and I started on our pink and white terraces to show what it looked like before it was destroyed by the eruption of Mt Tarawera in 1886.  Tomorrow, 10 June will be the 131st anniversary of the eruption. We made a tourist information center where visitors can sign up to tours around the Terraces. Our glass house was coloured and there’s water on top of the house to help prevent fires. A fire did start before we put the water on top of the house, but I managed to save it while my partner kept working on her path.  The path and rollercoaster we have made are the first tour of the pink and white terraces.  The construction of the terraces was challenging and we came up with ideas to make them a bigger before we add water. We eventually finished the Pink and White terraces which turned out pretty well. 

 Alicia and Mufaro – Teroro


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