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Rotorua Museum

Posted on June 28, 2017 in Blogs, Minecraft Design - Sylvie Vasar

Holly and I decided to design and create the Rotorua Museum because we wanted to take up the challenge. When we started we didn’t realize how many parts the museum had to it. Personally I think the roof of the museum was the hardest part of our project as it had a lot of parts, corners and higher levels. The front of the museum had lots of details and we had to really think about how we could achieve the design we wanted. We decided to add to the surroundings of the museum by adding the Blue Baths, the gardens with walkways, the bowling greens as well as the Band Rotunda. My overall experience was amazing and I wish I could keep doing Minecraft because it is so fun, and I loved working with Holly because we are both good builders and work together very well.

Rhylie – Pukaki

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