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James korero Te wiki reo Maori

Posted on September 12, 2017 in Te Roro o te rangi 1 Linda Grey

^^Te wiki reo Maori^^


Te wiki reo Maori is a traditional festive time of year when people of New Zealand celebrate our maori culture by talking Te reo. My kura loves to celebrate maori language week because we have been learning new waiata and haka. Also our schools houses are named after maori gods Pukaki, Te Roro o Te Rangi, Taeotu, Hurunga Te rangi and Tunohopu. New Zealand has celebrated maori language week by teaching us simple maori words on television.


This year my classroom has celebrated maori language week by reading books in Te reo. It was challenging at first but now we all can read it with ease. Another way we celebrate is by adding Te reo into our writing and translating simple words into maori to make our writing stand out. Also we have been working on our own waiata we made and our groups must choose to perform the waiata with the te rakau or the poi. My group made a waiata based on water and a taniwha destroying our village and we choose to use the poi and Te rakau.

I think maori language week is special because it’s bringing back our maori culture and tells people what New Zealand is about.



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