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Do you think Boot Camps are a good idea?

Posted on August 17, 2017 in Te Roro o te rangi 1 Linda Grey

Today we wrote letters to the editor of the Daily Post newspaper. They were about our point of view on the topic of Boot Camp.

16 people are against Boot Camp, 8 people are for Boot Camp.

We discussed, debated, researched and analysed facts & opinions & these are our letters about what we think and know!

Dear Daily Post

I think that boot camp is not good.

People might get bullied  if they go to this kind of camp.  It  will make them feel sad.

Some young people might get hurt and annoyed, then they might run away and get lost. They could feel like this because they might not feel comfortable or safe with the older people.

At Boot camp they might not teach kids how to read or write. Then the people won’t be able to learn. They won’t get brainier and maybe they won’t get a good job.

Staying at Boot camp for 1 year is not good because the good kids would be hanging around with the naughty kids for too long. It might make the good kids naughty too!

That’s the reasons why I think that Boot camps are not good.

From Azarah (12yrs old) and Isaako (11yrs old)     



Dear Daily Post

We think boot camp is horrible.

We have  3 reasons why we think boot camp has gone wrong.

Kids get unsafe with the older people and feel like they will get hurt by the older people. So we should just shut down the camp.

The government spends too much money on boot camp.   We should spend the money on homeless people and Salvation Army and schools.  Then we won’t need Boot camps.

At some Boot camps they don’t handle the kids with respect and treat them right, like people.  Instead they treat them like animals.

These are our reasons why we think Boot Camps are horrible.

Yours sincerely,

Peter and Cruz (11 yrs old)


Dear Daily Post,

Our letter is to inform you that boot camp is dangerous for us kids and others.

Some Boot camps are known for abusing every child that is sent there. If they have a horrible time in boot camp it would be bad because we are all kids that need people to love us and cherish us. We should give the army a quick heads up about how to run it properly so that kids don’t get abused anymore.

We also want to try and stop suicide & deaths from happening. Some Boot camps dosn’t do that. We need to be more careful and keep a close eye on the children and keep them on track with everything. Then we don’t need to see anymore deaths of kids so we all can live a happy life.

Some Boot camps are bad because children get abused and are unsafe with the adults running them.  Sometimes they are hitting them and making them commit suicide or end up making someone else commit suicide and we don’t really want that to happen do we?

How do you think we can save our children?

Have a think about that!

We think that we can pay for them to come back out to join their family, The families can give them a bed to sleep in and a roof over their heads and food to eat without them worrying about boot camp and the people coming to hurt them. The children need to feel more safe.

Do you think we should get rid of boot camp?  

We think we can give boot camp a bit of a chance in N.Z. but if more than 10-15 children are hurt we should shut boot camp down.

What we need to know is who will teach kids some loyalty and respect?  That is our solution!

Yours sincerely,

Gabrielle Clarke & Jhyquisha Maihi (11 years old)

Dear Daily Post

We think that boot camps are good.

The kids that go to boot camp get a roof over their heads and some kai to eat and a bed to sleep on.

It would be better if it was run by the Military and that the kids get treated with safer consequences.

They should be at boot camp for half-a-year because some family members will miss them. If the kids get some time off for good behaviour it would be better. They could also go back next year.

We  hope you like our reasons why boot camp is good not bad.

Yours sincerely,

Alistair (12 yrs)  Iraia (11yrs)


Dear Daily Post

In our opinion we believe that boot camps work.

One reason is because it keeps young people safe. They won’t get beaten up and abused by their whanau and friends.

Another reason is that boot camp teaches them a lesson and gives them more discipline towards each other. The people who go to boot camp will be young and can learn how to make the right decisions if they have self-respect.

Our last reason is the youth will get fitter each day while they complete all the activities needed at boot camp. Being fitter and stronger will make them feel happier, more confident and healthier.

In conclusion we should send most of the youth criminals to boot camp to teach them to respect their elders.

Yours sincerely,

Leighton(12yrs) Bossdyn(11yrs)


Dear Daily Post

No Boot Camp!

Have you heard about the boot camps and how they take 12 to 15 year olds? Well that isn’t working and we’ll tell you why we’re against boot camps.

My friend and I are disgusted by some of these boot camps because some kids get abused and some go missing. Also some boot camps can lead to suicide with those within the boot camp.

Okay let’s talk about the abusing within the camps. Sometimes the people that run the boot camp think that they’re more powerful than the 12 to 15 year olds. They show their by strength by bullying the children. So would you like to go to boot camp?

Instead of taking kids to boot camp I think they should go to rehabilitation to fix their bad behaviour. Another way to stop them from going to boot camp is by putting them up for adoption so they can start a new life with a new loving family.

Some reports of the boot camps is that some of the kids go missing from the camps. Why do you think they ran away? If life at boot camp is horrible, they probably wanted to run away!

This concludes our reasons against boot camps.

Yours Sincerely

Priya (age:11) and James (age:11)


Dear Daily Post

We are AGAINST boot camps in New Zealand.

Firstly, one of the reasons why we are against it is that it doesn’t cost too much for parents. If the parents have had enough of their children they can put them into boot camp. The parents also get fined $200 if their kids are wandering the streets. We think that a good solution is to make the fine much bigger, such as $1000. We should even rise the fine bigger, because parents wouldn’t have enough money to pay for it. They would look after their children more carefully if it cost them more fines. Then the children wouldn’t end up in boot camp.

Secondly, when some children come out of boot camp they are fitter and better criminals and want to carry on doing dumb stuff such as stealing, fighting, drugging and different types of abuse.  To solve the problem, we could lock them away for not as long, because the only reason they carry on doing bad things when they get out is that they get the bad influence from the other people at boot camp who have been treated badly.

Lastly, while they’re in boot camp they are becoming scared and depressed because some of them might get beaten up and abused by the people in the boot camp and who run it.  So when they come out they are so scared that they don’t even want to go anywhere. A solution to this would be to fire or fine the people for abusing a child or teenager. But first we should also ask the kids in the boot camp what is going on and how they feel about the boot camp.

So in the end we are here to tell you that we are against boot camps in New Zealand.

Yours Sincerely

Tiara & Elizabeth (11 yrs)


Dear Daily Post Readers

We think that bootcamp is a great idea.

Boot camp is a great idea because it provides a better system and range of ideas to help those with bad backgrounds. Boot camp is a better way for kids that are 12-15 to learn subjects such as literacy, maths and inquiry and other educational subjects.

Boot camp also provides shelter for those in need of a healthy educational life.They will be safe from family violence and  roaming the streets at midnight till morning. Boot camp is a good place for kids that need support. They are provided with a room, a bed, food and an education.  Boot camp teaches children discipline and to do the right thing.

Boot camp is good because it keeps them fit and teaches them self defence. They can learn reading, writing and maths too. The camps are better than prison because the young people get more time to learn and not get into trouble. Being at a camp for a year will give the kids enough time to learn. Boot camp is an much better environment than stuck in prison or living on the streets.

We think that boot camp will be a great start to a better future for those kids in need.  We think we should give boot camp a shot because other ideas aren’t working out as planned. Boot camp is good because they have a better system to help those who get into trouble.

So we think Boot Camp is a great idea.

Yours sincerely,

Tyra Williams {Age 11}   Monica Ormsby {Age 12}         


Dear Daily Post

We think that boot camps are a bad idea.

We know that at some Boot camps if people stay there too long they might do the wrong things like commit suicide or want to do more crimes. Sometimes the people that were running them could not handle the pressure and there were too many kids fighting.

Boot camp does not help the people because they don’t want to listen and so when they turn 16 they go to jail. If they have spent many years in boot camp for being naughty in the streets and not listening to the police and their caregivers maybe they will end up in jail.

Scott Carr is someone who has spent 12 years in boot camp.  When he was in boot camp people put him in a barrel and pushed him down a steep hill. Also he went to jail after it because when he was in boot camp he did not listen to the people that were running the place. This shows that boot camp does not work,

50 kids go to boot camp every year. What else could we do for those kids instead?

Yours sincerely,

Phoenix(12) and Tyrece (11)

Dear Daily Post,

We think that Boot Camps are not working.

First of all it costs millions of dollars to run a boot camp and the money should be spent on families who don’t have homes and kids that drink dirty water and don’t have food to eat. The money should go to more important things.   

Secondly most people say that the child’s behavior comes from the parents.   Sometimes the child causes the problem, so they run away to live on the streets and join gangs. Sometimes it can be the parents causing the problem, some parents get drunk and spend all their money on drinking and drugs instead of their kids.                        

Thirdly if it had to be run then the army shouldn’t do it because they have too much discipline.  Most kids don’t like boot camp. ‘’Who wants to be treated like an army man?” I wouldn’t! Some kids get shouted at, beaten up and might want to commit suicide while they’re at the camp.

Yours sincerely,

From two awesome guys, Raymond and Waimarino, (11 years old)

Dear Daily Post

These are our opinions for why boot camp is a good idea.

Firstly If the child is homeless they can go to boot camp for a bed and food. This will make them feel happy and safe so they won’t want to do any crimes.

Secondly If the child is in a bad family background, like if the parents are selling drugs or the child is not going to school, the child can go to boot camp to learn literacy, numeracy and health.

Lastly If the child has anger issues they could go to boot camp to learn discipline and fix their problems. They can learn Respect for Self, Respect for Others and Responsibility for their Actions.

These are the 3 reasons why we think boot camp is good.

Yours sincerely

Wayne Taute Ohomairangi (age 11) and Rougan Williams Te-kiri (age 11)



Dear Daily Post

We are against any type of boot camp.

Firstly kids in boot camp could attack each other and possibly die. This would happen if they were not looked after properly at the camp.

Secondly kids that go could be abused by the marshalls and other students which could lead to suicide. The camps would need to be run by really good people who can make it a safe place to be.

Thirdly the discipline could get too serious.  If being at the camp is all about discipline and not about learning then, we hope that, that doesn’t happen.

Lastly boot camps are dangerous for younger children, especially 12 years (or younger) because they shouldn’t have to live with older teenagers who can become physical and hurt the younger kids.

We are against boot camp, do you think boot camp is bad?

Yours sincerely,

Deaerne (12 years old) & William (11 years old)


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