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Minecraft Design – Sylvie Vasar


Minecraft is a collaborative game, and students actively work in competitive ways, but they can also work together to solve problems and challenges. Students can also create a story with different plot elements using the game they play and add more creative elements. Minecraft lends itself to many career pathways from architects, builders, chefs bloggers, you tubers to chemists, miners, enchanters and many more.

This is what Abby had to say:

My goals for today were to get a good feel for Minecraft and to see how  well I can do in a survival world. I  used the keyboard for moving around in my world. I started building my house and it looks amazing although I still have plenty of work to do. Next week’s goals will be to get the rest of my house done and to add some more ideas.

Taeotu Whanau takes on Minecraft Design

February 10, 2017

  Minecraft is a collaborative game, and students actively work in competitive ways, but they can also work together to solve problems and challenges. Students can also create a story with different plot elements using the game they play and add more creative elements. Minecraft lends itself to many career pathways from architects, builders, chefs bloggers, […]

Working Farm in Minecraft Design

November 29, 2016

Today in minecraft I completed my project.  I added more details to my minecart track and veggie garden. In my minecart, I added working redstone lights and added signs in my veggie garden so that everything was named. I also completed my video today which shows my farm and what I have learnt. Jessica – […]

Designing Novotel in Minecraft

November 21, 2016

In Minecraft Design, Brooke and I finished our Novotel Hotel. It has taken a lot of time and effort but it definitely paid off because we are proud of the end product. There are 4 floors in this hotel. On the bottom floor there is the reception and exciting areas. On the second floor, there […]

Teroro o terangi in Minecraft

November 3, 2016

Michael and I decided to design a church. We learnt how to make a sliding door by using pressure plates, torches, redstone, glass and wood. We also learned how to build a water fountain by our church. The water fountain added to the beauty of the church. We also modified our church by making it […]

Minecraft Design – Information Centre under construction

October 30, 2016

We learnt how to survive in survival mode and learnt the basic elements you need to survive. There are a lot of ways we could build a shelter by designing a house on the ground, underground or above in a tree. We were interested in how things may look bad at first, but slowly get […]

First Day in Minecraft Design

October 14, 2016

Term 4 – Lesson 1 I learnt how to play Minecraft on the computer. I learnt many features like how to jump:to jump you double tap the spacebar, to move: push w,and how to move around in general. I discovered that the teacher is in control of you being able to bust and build and she […]

Ideal school in Minecraft Design

September 21, 2016

Gina, Jade F and Jade H created their ideal school.

Teroro o Te Rangi in Minecraft Design

September 16, 2016

Teroro o Te Rangi students completed their projects today and many of them decided to add enhancements to their projects. Students designed, co-constructed, collaborated and created structures within the city of Rotorua.    

Minecraft Design Orientation

September 14, 2016

Year 6 student from our primary schools visited Rotorua Intermediate over the last few days for orientation. Some students had the opportunity to discover their design and creativity skills in Minecraft Design.

Taeotu’s Minecraft Challenge

August 10, 2016

This term Taeotu students are working on the water challenge on Minecraft. They have been given a world without any water and their mission is to find water while building the city of Rotorua.  Many students have already found strategies in achieving the water challenge. There is lots of sharing, helping and collaborating happening while […]

Minecraft Design – Prizegiving

July 22, 2016

  Prize Giving, July 2016  Students who excelled in the Minecraft Design programme for the first half of the year were were awarded badges and certificates for their extra effort in creating awesome designs and videos showing their learning journey. Taeotu – Kyall, Brayden Tunohopu – Tian, Henrik Te roro o terangi – Eric, Callista Hurungaterangi […]

Minecraft Design – Student Reflections

July 6, 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed Minecraft Design as it has allowed me to express some form of creative thinking. It not only is a software for building structures, it is also an eye opener to design features and symmetry. As my current aspiration is to train as an architect, I find those two things mentioned very important. […]

Paradise Valley in Minecraft Design

June 17, 2016

We decided to create Paradise Valley for our Minecraft Design project. From learning how to tame a horse and jump over fences on our horses, we discovered a lot of different and cool blocks like stained glass and stained clay. It was interesting in making the animals in Paradise Valley because we made two giraffes, two […]

Minecraft Reflections for Tunohopu

May 27, 2016

My project was to build MacDonalds. I finished all the outside of the building and I am now working on the interior and drive through.  I will also add car parks and gardens to my project. I hope to have my project complete within the next few lessons. Bailey Today in Minecraft,Clare and I made […]

Rotorua’s New Marae

May 20, 2016

Today I finished my marae. I added glass panes in the sides and I build a garden in the outside. I also built a kitchen, dining table and carpets. I learnt how to ride a horse which had to be tamed. I was interested in the creative mode because there was lots of resources that […]

Designs for Rotorua in Minecraft Design

May 16, 2016

In this session Amanda and I are working together to create a building in Rotorua. We have decided to build riding for disabled which is a horse riding facility for disabled children. So far me and Amanda have managed to start making the arena and then our house that we live in. The hard thing […]

Minecraft Tutorial World

May 6, 2016

Today in my first session in Minecraft Design I learnt the basic elements like how to build, dig, create tools by using a crafting table and how to use different keys to do different actions. During Minecraft tutorial I discovered a mine underground and there was also a rail that you could hop on. I […]

Rotorua Airport gets a Facelift

April 1, 2016

Sam and Jacob worked together to build the Rotorua airport tower and a plane. This is what they said: “This airport was not difficult but adding the details it took time. We discovered how to design and build jets on the side of our plane. It was really fun today because I had my mind set […]

Minecraft Design -Student Reflections

March 1, 2016

I learnt how to play with other people because I ususally play Minecraft by myself.  I discovered that we do not go to the mine with no food or weapons. I helped with the cooking because we ran out of food, so when Noah and Kurtis caught the fish, they gave it to me and cooked […]

Taeotu in Minecraft Design

February 5, 2016

Students in Taeotu started their first session by working through the Minecraft Design tutorial. This gave students the basic skills to become confident in playing the game. First experience: Caleb: I have played Minecraft before and I am familiar with finding my way around. Minecraft Edu was amazing. I had the freedom to collect resources […]

Government Gardens in Minecraft Design

November 16, 2015

Maya and Caitlin worked collaboratively to create the Government Gardens and Blue Baths Project. Here is a guided tour.  

Minecraft Design – Student Reflections

November 4, 2015

Students have shown evidence of creative thinking while working collaboratively with their projects. Here are some student reflections: Today I really enjoyed making another item in this minecraft world. Reeko and I worked hard to build a wharekai with secret passages. I like working with Reeko because she sticks to one job and likes what she […]

Minecraft-Designing begins for Term 4

October 27, 2015

A new group of students started their Minecraft Design  sessions this term. Students worked through a Tutorial World in which they became familiar with the basic elements in Minecraft Design. The object was to move and navigate in the world that have obstacles, puzzles and mazes. This exercise gave the students confidence building their world. […]

Minecraft Design – Projects

October 21, 2015

In term 3 students worked on the project where they designed and constructed structures within the Rotorua community. The structures showed good design elements. Students shared with and supported their peers while working collaboratively. Here are some examples of students projects:        

Minecraft Design Journey

September 21, 2015

This term I learnt how to do many things that I didn’t even know existed in Minecraft. For instance, to get rid of a whole Hot bar at once, press control+Q and to pick up a whole stack of blocks from the creative inventory, hold shift, then click on the item you want. I had […]

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