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Formal Uniform

  • CORRECT formal uniform must be worn to and from school unless an exemption pass is issued for sports training or other school related events.
  • Students may wear the RIS bucket hat OR a PLAIN black bucket hat.
  • Students may wear the RIS scarf/beanie OR a PLAIN black scarf/beanie.
    (It is up to individual teachers discretion if these are worn in the classroom)
  • Correct formal uniform must be worn to all specialist classes.
    (Students may choose to wear PE uniform in Performance Media)
  • Hard covered shoes must be worn for Culinary Arts and Design & Construction technologies.
  • A PLAIN black skivvy or top may be worn under the uniform shirt.

Hair, Nails & Jewellery

  • Hair must be natural hair colours.
  • Students may wear PLAIN (no bright colours) hair ties, scrunchies, headbands, clips etc.
  • Nail polish on fingers/toes and make up are not permitted.
  • One small stud or sleeper per ear is allowed. No other body piercing of any kind is permitted to be worn.
  • The only jewellery allowed is a Taonga (for safety reasons we recommend it to be worn under the uniform) of cultural or religious significance.

PE Uniform

  • Correct PE uniform is to be worn when students are participating in any sporting activity.
  • Polar fleeces may be worn with PE uniform dependant on weather conditions.
  • Sports shoes may be worn with PE uniform (formal school shoes/sandals are not to be worn with PE uniform)


  • PLAIN black shoes (lace-ups, slip-ons or velcro straps etc) are permitted to be worn with the formal uniform.
  • Black romans OR plain black sports sandals.
  • Socks are not to be worn with sandals.
    (No fashion type jandals, sandals, hi-tops or boots are permitted)


  • Boys – black knee-high or 3/4 socks may be worn with shoes.
  • Girls – black knee-high socks, 3/4 socks or plain black stockings may be worn with shoes.
    NOTE: Ankle socks are not to be worn with formal school uniform.

Incorrect Uniform Procedure

If for any reason your child is unable to wear the correct uniform item to school, please write a note explaining the reason why and stating when the situation will be resolved.

Rotorua Intermediate School reserves the right to update or amend the Uniform Policy at any time without prior notice. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. Please visit our website to view latest updates.





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