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Our Mission Statement

“Rotorua Intermediate enabling progress and achievement within a collaborative and innovative learning community targeting personalised and globally connected learning experiences to prepare our learners for an ever-changing world”

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A reminder that school holidays have been brought forward and we are officially on holiday today. “At Home” learning begins on Wednesday 15th April.

Our teachers have done an amazing job to get online programmes in place and will be in contact with our students on Wednesday 15th April.

Thank you to all of our RIS community for your efforts in fighting Covid 19, from our essential workers through to our Whanau who are isolating and staying at home.

Stay Safe. Stay connected.
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Please read regularly and add variety for interest.
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RIS Office is Open 9-12pm
- Pick up reports
- Pick up learning packs for those without access to the internet
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Dear Parents,

Keep Calm and Carry On.

As parents, you have the skills, wisdom and love to get your whanau through this. When you start feeling pressure: Pause, Breath and Smile.

Focus on positive connections, gained through positive and encouraging exchanges and plenty of warm visuals. i.e. SMILES. Keep safe and together we will get through this.

Guide to Remote Learning for Parents
As you will have been informed through the media, school holidays begin on Monday 30th March through to Tuesday 14th April. Online remote learning begins on Wed 15th April.

From Wed 15th Remote Learning will be the new normal for students.
Encourage students to:
Engage regularly each day, ensure they have breaks. Have them discuss what they are learning with you, this adds value to their learning. ‘Be that encouraging parent.'
Teachers will communicate their online availability and expectations to provide support, chat and feedback via Educa, email, Hapara or Google Classroom.

Remote learning is designed to maintain our children’s cognitive engagement, which we hope you will support through encouraging them to read and undertake other activities at home.
Make it FUN !!!!!!

Remote Learning
Learning through a Chromebook:
Teaching and learning will continue through your child’s school account. Chromebooks will be managed 9-3pm with the same levels of filters that would be employed throughout a normal school day (You Tube and Google Hangouts have been allowed during this time to allow for facetime with the classroom teacher).

Learning through any other home device (tablet, phone, iPad, laptop):
Students' school accounts can be accessed on any device and teachers will still be able to provide feedback and support however, teachers will not be able to readily engage in real time feedback.

Student Take Home Packs:
Student home packs are available if you have issues with connectivity. These packs include a range of reading, writing, maths and other curriculum areas. This will allow for four weeks learning from the start of term (15th April). PACKS WILL HAVE TO BE PICKED UP FROM THE SCHOOL OFFICE TUESDAY 24TH MARCH 11.30AM-2PM & WEDNESDAY 25TH MARCH 8AM-12PM, BEFORE WE ARE COMPLETELY LOCKED DOWN.

Rotorua Intermediate staff and Board wish you all the best as you keep yourself, your family isolated and safe. Together we can get all New Zealanders through this.

Garry de Thierry. Principal
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Learning packs are now available to pick up from our school office only for those with no internet connection.
All other other students will receive their learning online. More information on what that will look like will be posted shortly.
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Reports are available in our school office to pick up...
Tuesday till 2pm
Wednesday 9am-12pm
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We have a supply of milk and Weetbix that will be sitting at reception (Malfroy Rd) for any RIS Whanau who need or want it. Please help yourself.
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Alert level will be raised to level 4 in 48 hours

Restrictions for school. School will close MIDNIGHT Wednesday

What does that mean for our Rotorua Intermediate School Community

We will be open Tuesday and Wednesday, after which time we will be closed. These 2 days are to allow children of those parents, involved in ‘Essential Services’, time to get themselves organised for the complete shut down. However if you are struggling to make arrangements due to this short notice, re: employment or other issues, you will be able to send your child to school over the next two days.

Remote Learning
Over the next two days teachers will be finalising how ‘Remote Learning’ could work, whether students have internet access or not. Once finalised, this information will be shared with parents through our Rotorua Intermediate communication channel.

The Rotorua Intermediate Board and Staff appreciate the challenges that are ahead for our school families. We wish you all the best and hope that the outcomes from these challenging times will ensure the ‘Health and Safety’ of New Zealanders for years to come.

Kia Kaha.
Garry de Thierry
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Manaakitanga means the process of showing kindness, respect, generosity and caring for others. At RIS we have developed a comprehensive School Wide Awards system to help promote and recognise students achievements in these areas. These awards motivate the students to demonstrate the 3Rs in all areas of their learning and help foster Manaakitanga throughout the school.


We encourage parents to invest in their child’s future learning by purchasing for them their own chromebook, thereby allowing for anytime, anywhere learning.

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01. Respect for Self

Developing a strong sense of self-respect can help you fulfill your potential, develop healthy relationships, and make everyone around you see you as a person who is worthy of respect.

02. Respect for Others

Develop an understanding of the importance of respectful behavior and become aware of the many ways in which we can show respect toward each other.

03. Responsibility for your Actions

Taking responsibility for your actions and accepting the role you play in shaping your life and relationships is a vital trait of healthy development.

Habits for learning


  • Adapting when disruption is caused through new possibilities
  • Open minded to suggested ideas and 'blue sky' thinking
  • Actively reflects and adapts current strategies to explore improvements


  • Learning together to achieve a common goal
  • Actively participates and contributes ideas and skills
  • Communicates effectively and respectfully with others
  • Inclusive of everyone to achieve positive outcomes


  • Seeks multiple solutions for problems
  • Inquisitive about understanding their world and enhancing it
  • Creative and uses their imagination to design possible solutions


  • Demonstrates perseverance to progress
  • Committed to using their potential to overcome difficulties
  • Considers new possibilities when unsuccessful

Self Managing

  • Plans and takes responsibility for their learning
  • Demonstrates innovative approaches to manage tasks and challenges
  • Sets actions and reviews their smart goals regularly


  • Is curious about ‘why’, so asks questions
  • Uses questioning as a power to motivate learning
  • Seeks knowledge, skills, relationships and experiences to make sense of their world

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a creative process using art & technology to communicate ideas.


Coding is what makes it possible for us to create software, apps, and websites.

Music Performance

What is the difference between Noise and Music, Guitar and Keyboard?


Adolescent Health is about researching and discovering our changing needs.

Design Engineering

Design Engineering is based on Hard Materials and Electronics.

Culinary Arts

Culinary Art refers to the process of cooking and arranging food.

Minecraft Design

In Minecraft Design students create, connect problem-solve and collaborate with peers.


The process of science starts with a question, but science is more than just being curious about how things happen.


Through the provision of engaging learning opportunities, within our collaborative learning environment, students will demonstrate self-management skills and be inspired to be creative.

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