Mentoring & Support Team

Susan Gera

Mentoring & Support Team - LEAD COUNSELLOR

Amanda Kelly


Wiri Williams


Our Role

Student Counsellors

Our Board of Trustees appreciates the uniqueness of the developmental stages students at Rotorua Intermediate are all going through as ‘Emerging Adolescence’ therefore has employed two experienced ‘Student Counsellors’ to support students during their time here.

Our Counsellors are trained to help students confront and work through the adjustments pertaining to the physical, emotional, social and intellectual challenges, experienced at various stages throughout their time at Rotorua Intermediate.

Whaea Trina and Whaea Amanda have their base in our school’s Student Centre.

Both Counsellors follow our school’s philosophy of always striving to resolve issues through a restorative rather than a punitive approach supporting students through listening and seeking understanding rather than blaming, and encouraging students to discover their potential rather than labeling students and thereby restricting the development of their ‘growth mindset’.

Depending on the nature of the issues, Susan, Amanda and Wiri act as the supportive link between school and home as we all strive to ensure Rotorua Intermediate is a safe and successful learning campus for all students. They consistently strive to influence student attitude towards becoming positive contributors to society while maximising students potential as lifelong learners.